Suri: Journal of the Philosophical Association of the Philippines is a venue for the publication of the works of Filipino scholars in their attempt to expand the frontiers of philosophical discourse in the Philippines. The journal is dedicated to the exposition of the latest trends in philosophy, the critical review and revitalization of traditional forms of philosophizing, and the effort to develop Filipino philosophy by fostering rational dialogue among scholars from different institutions and intellectual persuasions.

The term “suri” in Filipino connotes “analysis,” inspection,” “examination,” or “qualification.”

While the journal aims primarily to publish the contributions of the members of PAP collected from association’s National and Mid-Year conferences, it also welcomes exceptional contributions from non-members and occasionally publishes the works of invited authors.

SURI is a refereed journal. All manuscripts, except invited works, are reviewed by the editor and anonymous referees who are experts in their own fields.


ISSN 2244-386X (print)

Suri is published twice a year, in April and October.